Attn: Avon Representatives Are You Struggling To Promote, avon representativesAre you an Avon Representative that is struggling to promote your website?  If you are struggling, you will find out why not only you but over 90% of Avon representatives and other network marketers are failing with their business and you will see how you can start having success.


Reasons Avon Representatives Fail


Whenever a new representative gets started they automatically get a website.  The new representative is told to make a list of their warm market, which consist of family and friends.  The problem is that very few people from your warm market will usually join the business and the ones that do are not serious about building a full time business.


After the Avon representative goes through their warm market and are unsuccessful at recruiting or selling the products, they try to promote their website all over the internet.  The problem is that even though the website looks good it is not made to get leads or make someone join the business.  This website is meant to give someone more information after they are already interested.

Successfully Market


If you want to successfully make money with your website you have to realize that no one really cares about your business.  People care about you and not your business opportunity.  If you want more people to join you in business, you need to show them how working with you will make their life better or easier than it already is.


The top leaders in any network marketing company always provide value to their prospects and to their downline or team.  In order to provide value you have to constantly educate yourself on your business. No one wants to work with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.


A good way to provide value and be a leader is to provide a solution to other peoples problems.  For example you should learn why over 90% of network marketers are struggling and provide a solution to their problems.


What Do 90% of Network Marketers Struggle With? 


1. They run out of people to talk to after they go through their warm market

2. They spend more money than they make

3. They don’t know how to market themselves or their business

4. They have no duplication in their team.

5. They don’t know how to present their business in a way that makes sense


Why should you be concerned with the problems that network marketers struggle with?  The Simple answer is they are your target market.   If you are going to market a business or the products you have to know who to market too.  For example, lets say you are known for making the best steak on the planet, the steak is so good that your neighbors tell you that you should make a living cooking and selling stakes because it could easily sell for $100.  How much money do you think you would make if you targeted vegetarians?  You wouldn’t make a dime! You couldn’t even give it away for free. The same goes for your Avon business you have to know who to target.


The reason you want to target network maketers is because they are already sold on the idea and you don’t have to convince them.  They don’t have a job mentality, they are entrepreneurs who are searching for success, so when you can show them that you have the keys to the promise land a lot more people will join you in Avon or any other network marketing business you decide to join.


To see how you can start having real success as a Avon representative and sponsor 20+ new representatives every month, checkout the training that was will show you exactly what you need to to build an empire.

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