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www.liasophia.comIf you are reading this article right now it is probably because you are having a hard time marketing your site.  However you came across this website consider yourself fortunate because you are about to find out why so many Lia Sophia reps are struggling to build their business and you will also learn what you can do to build a network marketing dynasty with Lia Sophia.  The first thing you should do is bookmark this page so that you can find it again or email it to yourself.

Why Lia Sophia Reps are Failing


There are a few reasons why Lia Sophia reps are failing in the business.  When a representative gets started in Lia Sophia they are told to make a list of their friends and family so that they can introduce them to the products and also to the business opportunity.  This is the best and fastest method to make money and get new representatives into the business.  The problem is that only a few people are able to recruit 1 to 3 people from their warm market and the rest don’t recruit anyone.  After they the new representatives go through their warm market of friends and family they run out of people to speak to so they resort to spamming their on social networks like facebook and twitter in hopes that someone will see the site and join the business.  That never works!


The Lia Sophia website looks good but it is not designed to get leads or make someone join the business.  The website is for given someone more information on the company after they are already interested in the business.  If you send someone this website and they are not interested you will just annoy them.


Another reason Lia Sophia reps are failing is because they are spending more money than they are making.   By the time they join the business and buy the products and throw a home party they already spent a few hundred dollars.  The average rep in network marketing only makes $30 to $40 a month.  So they end up spending themselves out of business.


The other reason Lia Sophia reps are failing is because they can’t get qualified leads to look at the business opportunity.  Leads are the life and blood of any business.  If you don’t have people to show your business to, you really don’t have a business.

Market site the right way


This might surprise you but strictly promoting your site will not allow you to build a successful business.  The truth is people don’t join business opportunities, people join people.  How can you get someone to join you in business?  The only reason someone will join you in business is if you can show them that you have value to offer them.  What value can you give to someone?  If you can show someone that you know how to build a network marketing business and you can show them how to make money then will join you in business.


If you want to increase your value that means that you will have to learn the skills necessary to build Lia Sophia.  What are the skills that you should learn?  You need to learn how to market your business online and get qualified leads to look at your business opportunity.  There are over 2 million people searching every month for a home business.  Would you rather get rejected by prospects who have a job mentality or would you rather have people who are looking for a business contacting you daily.  Obviously you would prefer the latter. Not only is it good to have people contacting you about your business but it also eliminates getting rejected, which is what a lot of people hate.  It is also a good idea to learn some offline marketing methods that are rejection proof and will also bring quality in quality leads.


Another way you can get more prospects to join you in Lia Sophia and keep them in is teaching them how to get into profit within their first 3 months.  The top income earners do this by using a marketing system.


Obviously I can’t go into full details on exactly everything you need in this article.  To see how you can recruit 15 or more reps every month into your Lia Sophia business and make the money that you deserve visit the master marketers MLM Training where you will learn everything you need to build a successful business.

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