Is IWowwe a Scam or Good MLM Business?




If you are taking the time out to read this Wowwe scam review, you are probable thinking about joining the company but you decided to do your research first to make sure it is a legitimate business.   This Iwowwe review will give you the facts about the company and it will also tell you why so many Wowwe reps are struggling to make money.


Is the Wowwe scam claims true?


The Wowwe scam claims are not true.  IWowwe is a legitimate network marketing business that was in business since 2007 and it is headquartered in Texas.  The founder and CEO of the company is Bill Starkey.  The services they offer are Internet communication software.

In 2011 IWowwe got an award for excellence from the Better Business Bureau, this award shows that the Iwowwe scam claims aren’t true because it is very hard to become a member of the Better Business Bureau not to mention get an award from them.

Wowwe Review of the product

The core product that IWowwe markets is video email, web casting and video conferencing services.  The services cost anywhere from $20 to $195.  The company’s goal is to build the next generation of online tools, to service companies of any size so that they can grow their market share with easy and powerful to use online software.


Wowwe Compensation plan and cost to join

To become a representative for Wowwe it will cost you $50, which is to be paid once a year, and you must also sign up for the video conferencing service, which is $20 per month.  There are a few ways that you can get paid with Wowwe.

You can earn retail commissions every time someone buys a service, you can get paid on the sales your team generates, and you can also get paid by the 3×7 forced matrix.  If you really want to maximize the compensation plan you have to be good at selling the products and recruiting people who can also sell and recruit.

Wowwe scam claims – Why?

The Majority of people that claim  “IWowwe scam” are people who have joined the company before with a get rich quick mentality and realized that they could not make money as fast as they wanted to so they quit and called Wowwe a scam.  You can definitely make money with this company but it is not a get rich quick scheme and it does require work and consistency.  You should beware of the  bad distributor’s that will tell you, you will make money really fast without doing any work.  They are just telling you that to get you to join, it is important that you find an honest upline to work with.

Wowwe and your Success

IWowwe is a good business and you can make money if you know what you are doing.  The truth is that the majority of distributors don’t make the money they expect to because they don’t know how to effectively market the business.  They run out of people to speak to after they go through their list of friends and family.  If you want to have success with this business you need to have leads looking at your business everyday, if not you are guaranteed to fail.  The best way to market your business and get leads is by using attraction marketing.

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