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isagenix reviewsIf you are looking for Isagenix reviews you are probably thinking about joining the company.  It is important to do your research before you spend your money on a business venture.  It is also important to get factual information about the company you are researching.


There are a lot of Isagenix reviews on the internet but a lot of them are from people who have joined the company already and are biased as to how good or bad the company really is.


In this Isagenix review you will get the unbiased truth because I am in no way affiliated with the company and you will also learn how you can successfully build the business if you decide to join.

Isagenix Reviews of the founders


Isagenix is a network marketing company that was launched in 2002.  The International headquarters are located in Chandler, Arizona.  The founders of the company are John Anderson and Jim and Kathy Coover.


Before you get involved with a network marketing company it is important to know about the founders and leadership that is behind the company.  Before John, Jim and Kathy started Isagenix they were all retired.


John Anderson is known as a master formulator of nutritional supplements.  John use to work as a private label supplement manufacturer for over 600 companies and he has created over 2000weight loss and nutritional products.  His products are well known overseas and are considered to be highly effective.


Jim Coover is the CEO and president the company.  He was also president of another successful MLM weight loss company that had more than 7 million customers and did over $1 billon in sales.  He had a big part in creating the compensation plan for isagenix.


Kathy Coover has been a top earner in the network marketing industry since 1992.  She has been a top producer in 3 different companies earning millions in income.

Isagenix review of the product


Isagenix sells skincare products, nutritional products and weight loss products.  Their main product however is the Isagenix Cleasing and Fat Burning System.   This product cleans out the toxins from your system and replaces it with the vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that the body needs.  And obviously from the name of it, it helps you to burn unwanted fat.


The products work pretty good from the testimonials I have read in the other Isagenix reviews.  A lot of their products are also endorsed by doctors, celebrities and athletes.  So as regards to the product this company seems to be on the up and up.


You can join as an associate with Isagenix for $39.


Isagenix Compensation Plan


There are 6 different ways that you can get paid with this company.  You can get paid for retail sales, team bonuses, executive matching team bonuses, product introduction bonuses, incentives and promotions.


You can get paid all 6 ways if you get really good at selling the products and recruiting distributors for the company.  Selling products and recruiting distributors who can also sell and recruit new distributors is the only way that you will maximize the compensation plan.

Most Isagenix Reviews won’t tell you this


Over 90% of the distributors in this company are failing just as with any other network marketing company.  The distributors are not failing because the company is a bad company they are failing because they don’t know how to market the business and recruit people.


Isagenix has great leadership and excellent products. However, that does not mean that people will line up to buy the products or join you in the business.  The first thing distributors are told to do when they join is to make a list of everyone they know so that they can introduce them to the business and the products.  This method does work and I do recommend it but the problem is that most people don’t know what to do after they go through that list.


The best thing to do is to learn how to market online and target people who are interested in joining a network marketing business.  If you don’t know how to market and get leads for Isagenix it is safe to say that you will fail like the majority of reps are not only in Isagenix but in the industry.


To learn how you can market your business to qualified people who are looking for Isagenix and recruit 17+ people a month visit Matthew Alleyne’s MLM lead Generation blueprint where you will learn exactly what the top producers are doing to earn 5 and 6 figures every month.

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