Lyoness review – Did they tell you what is really needed to succeed?

lyoness scam

Lyoness scam


If you are reading this Lyoness scam review it is probably because you are thinking about joining this business opportunity but you just want to make sure that you know what you are getting into before you spend your hard earned money.  This article will tell you what the other Lyoness reviews won’t tell you about what you really need to do to succeed with this business opportunity.  It will also give you some information about the company and the products.


Are the Lyoness Scam claims true?


The answer is no this company is not a scam.  This business was founded by Hubert Feidl in 2003 and it is a network marketing company that provides savings and discounts to their members.  Their goal is to help people get discounts on products and services that they buy and also provide merchants with loyal customers.  They also work to benefit two Lyoness foundations, the first is the Child and Family Foundation and the second is the Greenfinity Foundation.  These charities help children, families and the environment.


The products or services that they offer or provide are membership savings and cash back through a global shopping community.  There are four ways that you can shop, you can shop online, in-store with the Lyoness cashback card, with merchant gift cards and you can also use your smart phone.


Who Makes Lyoness Scam claims if it is a legitimate business?


The people who usually make Lyoness scam claims are people who were in the company before and they thought they were getting involved with some kind of get rich quick business.  When they didn’t get the results they were looking for because they didn’t want to learn the skills and but in the work they started making Lyoness scam claims.   Ignore these Lyoness reviews that make scam claims because they are not true and you can make great money if you know what you are doing.


The people making “Lyoness” scam claims are just like people who for example owned a restaurant in the past and failed at it.  Then they decided to tell their friends never to buy a restaurant because they will fail.  Obviously you know that isn’t true because there are many successful restaurants around and you have probably eaten at some of them.  Just because some failed in the past doesn’t mean you will fail, the key is to learn what the successful people did to succeed and copy them.   The truth is it is not hard to succeed in network marketing, but most people will never but in the time and work required to have success.


What Lyoness reviews don’t tell about success


As with any business if you want to have success you need to be willing to learn the skills necessary for success.  Before you learn the skills needed to succeed it is important to know why people fail in Network Marketing.  Lyoness reviews don’t always tell you this, but when you first get started your sponsor will tell you to make a list of everyone you know so that you can introduce them to the business and the services that they provide.  This is a great way to get started, but the problem that most distributors struggle with is that after you speak to everyone you know you will run out of people to speak to.  This is one of the biggest reasons why people fail and quit.  If you want to be successful you have to learn how to attract and recruit serious business builders like the top earners do.  To get access to the system that they use by clicking here.

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