Mike Dillard and the Attraction Marketing Story

mike dillardLooking for an honest third party Mike Dillard Review?  Then you are in the right place!  In this review you will learn how Mike Dillard went from struggling in Network Marketing to becoming a top income earner in his company and how you can do the same thing.

Mike Dillard’s Story


Mike Dillard is one of the most well known internet marketers when it comes down to attraction marketing.  Mike went from waiting tables to creating 7 figures in less than 18 months.  When Mike first got startded in the MLM industry he was only a freshman in college and he was selling Alpine Air Filters.


Mike was terrible at network marketing like the majority of people who get started in the industry.  He was shy, had no self-confidence, and was dead broke.  He was so broke that he had to pawn his championship winning bike and his DVD collection just to buy food to eat.


Mike attended every one of his company seminars, called his upline for every question that came into his head, got himself into a lot of debt, and alienated himself from a lot of friends.  He bought every kind of lead you could think of, he made 100-200 cold calls a day.  After four years of doing this, he had no money, no success, and the only people he recruited were people in his family who did nothing to help him grow a business.


Then something happened in the Next 2 years that changed Mike Dillard’s business.   After failing for 4 years he suddenly thought “if I could only get 5 to 10 people to call me everyday about my business then I’d have it made.”  This thought is what started the idea for magnetic sponsoring.

Mike Dillard Becomes A Leader

Mike realized that in order to get people to contact him about his business he would have to become attractive to his prospects.  He realized that people are attracted to leaders and that he was not a leader for the past 4 years.  Leaders are attractive because they provide value to those that are around them.


Mike found out that people were not going to join him because of the company he was in, but because they perceived him as a leader and someone that can provide them with value.   By nature people thrive and live in social groups.  They follow the leader of the group until they feel comfortable enough to become a leader and start their own group.  This is something that people were born with.


After Mike Dillard understood that he needed to be a leader that provided value to others he started increasing his value by purchasing and educating himself about MLM.  From November to December 2009 Mike spent $6,410 on books, tapes and training to increase his value in the market place, and now he spends Waaaay more than that every month on education.


Mike Dillard Learns Attraction Marketing


The Next thing he realized is that his MLM company had nothing to do with his business.  His business came down to him knowing how to Market so he started studying attraction marketing.  Mike said that he could dump 2 tons of the best vitamin in the world in your driveway and if you can’t market it to the right people you won’t make a dime.  He understood that knowing how to market is the real product.


Understanding these next 2 lines changed Mike Dillards business and if you understand it, it will change your business too


Sell A marketing System to your representatives

Let the marketing system sell your MLM products


It is that simple.

Mike Dillard 7 figure Secrets


Mike created serious success when he started treating his business like a business and not a hobby.  He became a leader and increased his value by investing in his education.  His biggest secret of all is that he started selling himself and not his company, and then he marketed and sold a system that sold the MLM products.

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