Organo Gold Scam Get The Facts Before you Join

Organo Gold Scam

Organo Gold Scam

If you are reading this Organo Gold Scam article you are probably thinking about joining this network marketing company but you decided to do your research to make sure that you are getting involved with a legit business before you spend your hard earned money.

Organo Gold Scam is it true?

Are the “Organo Gold Scam” Claims true?  The answer is No! The Organo Gold scam claims are completely false.  Organo Gold is a legitimate network marketing company that has been in business since 2008.  The owner of the company is Bernie Chua who has over 10 years of experience in the industry.  Bernie has also owned another network marketing company in the Philippines witch grew to over 500,000 distributors.

Organo Gold Scam – What about the products


Organo Gold sells Ganoderma coffee.  Ganoderma is a healthier kind of coffee than what most people drink. It is a kind of mushroom and it  sometimes goes by the name Reishi or Lingzhi.  The Chinese have been using this for more than 4000 years as an ingredient in some medicines because of the way it heals the body. The company also gives its customers a full 100% money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the product. So not only are the Organo Gold scam claims false but they also have a legitimate product and there are many testimonials on how good the product is.

Organo Gold Scam – Who Makes these claims?

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Who makes Organo Gold Scam claims?  The only people that are going to call it Organo Gold a scam is someone who has been involved in this company directly or another network marketing company and never made any money or someone who doesn’t understand the concept of network marketing.  But for the most part the people that are making scam claims are former distributors who have joined the company with a lottery mentality in hopes of getting rich quick.  Instead of learning the skills necessary to build the business and but in the work they just spent their time making “Organo Gold Scam” claims.

If The Organo Gold Scam claims are false why do so many fail?


Even though the Organo Gold Scam claims are not true there are still a lot of distributors who fail to make money with this business opportunity.  Over 90% of network marketing reps are failing, but the truth is that over 90% of people fail in any business.  One of the main reason people are failing in network marketing is because they don’t have the right mindset.  As soon as things get a little tough the first thing most reps want to do is quit, this is probably because it is really cheap to get involved in a network marketing business compared to a traditional business.

The other reason Organo Gold reps fail is because they have not learned how to truly market the business after they gone through their friends and family.  The best way to get started is to speak to your friends and family, but you will need to have people to speak to after you have gone through your warm market.  The best way to avoid running out of people to speak to is to use a proven attraction marketing system that will train you on how to position yourself in front of people who are looking for what you have to offer, whether you are marketing online or offline.

Success With Organo Gold


Your success with Organo Gold will depend on your ability to recruit distributors and sell the products.  The best way to do this is to follow what the top earners are doing and use attraction marketing to attract people to you and build your business.

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