Thirty-One Gifts Review Don’t Join Until You Read This

thirty-one giftsIf you are reading this Thirty-One Gifts review you are doing the right thing.  It is very important to research any business that you decide to get involved with.  In this Thirty-One gifts review you will learn the facts about the company and also what you need to do if you plan to make real money with this company.

Thirty-One Gifts Review – The Company


Thirty-One Gifts is a network marketing company that was started in 2003 by Cindy Monroe and headquartered in Johnstown Ohio.  At the time of this article Thirty one has 10,000 distributors or consultants and they have production facilities operating in 2 states.  Cindy started this company because she is a mother and a wife and she didn’t always have time to go out and visit boutiques and gift shops.  So she thought this would be a good opportunity to start this business because other women would be strapped for time the same way she was.


Thirty one gifts is geared towards women so anyone who joins this company should not expect to have to many men on their team.  The mission of this company is to allow women to sell quality products and also give other women the ability to have a successful business and earn money.

Thirty One Gifts Review – The Products


Thirty one sells a lot of products for women.  Some of the products include a selection of affordable and useful gifts, scented candles, handbags, clothes for girls, kitchen accessories and many more products.  They also have engraving and lettering done on a lot of the products so that you or your customers can personalize their items.

The price to become a distributor or a consultant for Thirty-one is $150.  When you join at this price you get your start up kit and you also have the ability to earn commissions and build a team of distributors.

Thirty-One Gifts Training


When you get started with this business your sponsor or upline is going to tell you to make a list of your family, friends and anyone that you know or have done business with in the past.  The purpose of this is to help you get started making sales and recruiting people into the business.  This is the best way to get started building a business, but the problem is that after the Thirty-one consultant goes through the list of people they know they usually get stuck and run out of people to speak to.  As a result they end up pitching the business to strangers and handout fliers and different things that most people find difficult to do.


That training does work but it takes a very long time to build a business that way because most reps quit because they can’t deal with the amount of rejection and money they have to spend before they get someone to join.

Thirty One Gifts Success Tips


This company seems to be a good company and the right person can definitely make a lot of money with it.  The key to your success is going to be learning how to market using both online and offline rejection proof strategies.  The truth is if you don’t know how to market you won’t have any leads, if you don’t have leads that means you don’t have anyone to show your business opportunity to.  If you don’t have anyone to show your business to you don’t have a profitable business.  Over 90% of people are failing in this business because they can’t market and get leads.


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