Votre Vu Review is it a good MLM business To join?

votre vuIf you are reading this Votre Vu review you are probably thinking about joining this company.  It is always good to do your research before you get involved in any business.  In this article you will learn some facts about the company as well as how you can have success if you decide to join this business.


Votre Vu review of the company


Votre Vu is a network marketing company or MLM company that was launched in August 2008.  The company was started by Dave Proctor and Harold Zimmerman.  Votre Vu researched and created around 50 different skin care products before they officially launched.  After they launched, within 2 months they had over 1200 representatives selling and buying their products and they made over $1 million.  The company also has great leadership working behind the scenes.

Votre Vu the Poducts


Votre Vu markets spa quality French skin care products.  They have over 70 products that include, hair products, skin care products and products for men. There is also a drink called Snapdragon Beauty Beverage which is suppose to have super-fruits that help fight against aging, vitamins and teas that are suppose to make your skin look radiant.  They also have another product that is suppose to give you energy it is called Ten Gauge Health and Energy Slam.


You can become a distributor for $200 or you can join for $400.  If you choose the $400 package you will get a lot more product compared to joining at the $200 level.  Every year you will have to pay a $29 renewal fee to keep the business active.


Votre Vu The Compensatio Plan


There are 5 ways that a distributor can earn money when they join.  Distributor can get paid from fast start bonuses, retail profits, residual income from the binary plan, matching cycle bonuses on the team members that you personally recruit.   Distributor’s definitely have the opportunity to make a nice living with Votre Vu if they know how to build the business.


Votre Vu Success Tips


Votre Vu appears to be a good company with excellent products and you can make a good living with this business if you know how to build it.  Only a small percentage of reps in this company make the kind of money that they would like to.  Most distributors fail because they think that since the company is good and the products are people will automatically join them in business.  The truth is no one will join you in business if you can’t show them how to make money and build a business.


When new distributors get started they are told to make a list of everyone they know so that they can introduce the products and the business opportunity to them.  This is a great way to get started, but you need to have a plan after you go through that list.  The only way you are going to get people who are interested in building a business like Votre Vu is if you learn how to market and get leads.  This is a network MARKETING company which means after you go through your network of family and friends you will have to learn how to MARKET.


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