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If you are reading this article, you probably want to know how to promote your www.zeekrewards.com business or maybe you are thinking about joining but you want to know the best way to promote it so that you can actually profit and make money.  This article will tell you the best possible way to market your Zeek rewards business even if you have not joined the company yet and it will also give you some information about the company.


www.zeekrewards.com what is it?


Before we talk about promoting your www.zeekrewards.com site lets talk about what it is.  www.Zeekrewards.com is the network marketing arm of the penny auction site Zeekler.com.  Both Zeekler and Zeekrewards are owned by Rex Venture Group LLC, an online subsidiary of Lighthouse America.  Rex Venture Group was started back in 1997.


What is the cost to join Zeek rewards?


You can join Zeekrewards as a free affiliate or as a paid affiliate.  There are 3 paid levels that you can join at.  You can join as a Silver affiliate and pay a monthly membership of $10, you join as a Gold affiliate which cost $50 per month or you can join as a Diamond affiliate which is $99 per month.  When you join “www.zeekrewards.com” you should really join as a Silver or higher, because even though you can join as a free affiliate you are really limited with the amount of money you can make.


How do you make money with www.zeekrewards.com


Once again if you really want to make the big money you should join at one of the paid levels, the higher the better.  Zeek members get paid for 2 things.  First they get paid whenever they recruit a new member at one of the paid levels.  The second way you make money is when you sell a bid pack.  The bid packs that you sell are used on the zeekler.com auction site.  So basically you have to be good at 2 things, recruiting new affiliates and selling the bid packages.


A lot of Zeekrewards affiliates will tell you that you don’t need to recruit anyone to make money and that is true, but you will be greatly limiting your income potential.  If you really want to build a huge income you absolutely need to both recruit affiliates and sell the bid packages.  Recruiting is where the leverage and residual income starts to happen.  If you want to be able to go on vacation and come back home to more money than when you left you need to be recruiting and selling the bid packs.


Zeekrewards the facts


If you are serious about building a profitable business with Zeek rewards you must learn how to market and get quality leads.  According to the published income disclosure for ZeekRewards in 2011 there were only a few affiliates who are making the big money, some of them are making a nice part time income and the majority of affiliates aren’t really making anything.  However this does not mean that you will be like the majority.


The truth is this if you are serious about having success and you are willing to take your business seriously and learn the skills necessary for success, for example learning how to market and generate quality leads for your Zeek rewards business there is no limit to how much money you can make.


So where exactly should you go to learn how to market your Zeek rewards business and have success?


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