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If you are reading this Younique review it is probably because you are thinking about joining this business opportunity, but you decided to do your research before you make the decision to join.  Congratulations on doing your research because most people never do that an as a result they join with false expectations and they don’t get the results they are looking for.  This Younique review will give you the facts about the company and it will also let you know what you should be doing if you plan to be successful with this business.

What is Younique?

Younique is a network marketing company that currently sells beauty and fashion products for women. The company was launched in October 2012.  They are allowing people to make money by becoming distributors and selling their products and also recruiting other people who would like to create an extra income.  Younique says that they are the first company to center their business model on social media.

What products do Younique Sell?

They currently sell three different products.  They sell a product called Magnetic Nail Polish, “Younique” Leggies and the Moodstruck Eye Collection.  They are also open to taking ideas for new products.  If they like your idea and decide to use it they will pay you royalties on that product as long as you are an active distributor.  The products are usually sold through demonstrations at home parties.

How much is it to join?

To become a distributor and get the starter kit will cost you $99.  To join you will have to login through Younique’s Facebook application and then sign up.  Your starter kit comes with a personalized website, social media tools to assist you with selling and marketing your products, a start up manual, pens, 100 product cards, 250 business cards, and a debit card o receive your payments when you make commissions.

Now that you know how much it cost to get started you are probably wondering how do you make money.  There are 2 ways that you get paid with this business and that is by selling the products and recruiting new distributors.  If you want to maximize the compensation plan and get paid every way possible with Younique you need to get good at recruiting and selling.

How to succeed with Younique?

More than likely when you first get started with Younique or any other network marketing business opportunity you will be told to make a list of your friends and family so that you can introduce them to the products and the business opportunity.  That is a great way to get started and that is how you can create some fast cash in your business.  However most people start to struggle after they contact everyone they know because they run out of people to speak to.  If you really want to make it with this business you will have to learn how to market and generate quality leads everyday like the top earners do.  Your success will strongly depend on your ability to constantly have people looking at your opportunity.

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